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Smart Cities Require Smart People

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We can have as much technology deployed but of if the people are not "smart" enough to use them, the, it's bound to fail.

Or is it because we didn't fully address the pain-points of the citizens when we build the solutions thus the outcome will be very lukewarm. What's your thoughts?

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Ahli Baru
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That's very true. Technology is only an amplifier of human potential. It is humans who drive the technology

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Ahli Baru
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I presented several Smart City proposal and initiatives to international spectators about 5 years ago. As the moderator highlighted, most of the comment I received is that Malaysian needs to have a Smart attitude before implement Smart City. Most of the implementation of Smart City requires an understanding and appreciation of the procedures, law and process. From their observation, this is very much lacking in our community.  

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Athirah Tan Binti Addullah
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@noordin We receive many similiar comments. However, as implementors of Smart City, we should focus and increase more awareness programmes to ensure inclusivity of users by ensuring our implementations lowers the barrier of entry for all walks of life users. Users will become smarter when they experience and receive the benefits of smart city implementations. Hence the importance of inclusivity and bottom approach of implementations .