MIGHT and Confexhub Group has successfully co-organised the 3rd Edition of Cities 4.0 Conference & Exhibition on 12th to 15th October 2020 . A total of 25 papers were presented during the conference and exhibition, along with 500 participants from 15 different countries and 10 exhibitors joined the event. This virtual conference and exhibition aimed to provide practical strategies and introduce relevant tools and technologies and showcase some of the latest smart city planning and development, smart city technologies and solutions.


As urban populations continue to expand and citizens’ expectations grow, the development of smart cities – enabled, powered and integrated by digital technologies – is set to be one of the crowning achievements of societies worldwide in the 21st century. Smart cities address a diverse set of problems, such as efficient transportation, smart and enhanced buildings and homes, optimum energy utilization, and better administrative services. The increasing adoption of novel technologies that complement the management of cities in the future is also a major catalyst for market growth.