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How the pandemic affects the design of our built environment?

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Rapid urbanisation is resulting in a growing number of slum dwellers, inadequate and overburdened infrastructure and services, and worsening air pollution. The Covid-19 pandemic will hit hardest the more than one billion slum dwellers worldwide, who suffer from a lack of adequate housing, no running water at home, shared toilets, little or no waste management systems, overcrowded public transport and limited access to formal healthcare facilities. 

Urgent plans are needed to prepare for and respond to outbreaks in informal settlements and slums. The crisis has triggered companies to rethink their business model with a refreshed sense of perspective, by evaluating positive and negative impacts of the crisis throughout the business value chain. 

Governments and industries will have to take a serious look at how their current governing structure, strategies, investments, operational activities (including products and services) and the needs of various stakeholders are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

You can read the full article - HERE.