Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) and Institute of Housing and Local Government (I-KPKT) in collaboration with Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT), URBANICE MALAYSIA and PLANMalaysia organised Knowledge and Sharing Session: How to Accelerate the Implementation of Smart Cities in Malaysia”. This virtual forum and training serves as a part of capacity building programme for GEF6 Sustainable Cities Development in Malaysia. This training is intended for local authorities, industry player, solution provider, urban planner, policy makers, and anyone with an interest in exploration of opportunities and challenges in developing smart cities. This training consisted of 7 Modules moderated by smart city innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, communities, and businesses.


To enhance local authorities’ understanding of Malaysia’s national aspiration toward smart cities implementation. The initiative focuses on the planning, implementing and management of smart cities based on business models, technologies and funding models available.
To provide the local authorities with further understanding of the various scenarios of business opportunities, funding models and guidelines for smart city development.
To provide guidance and know-how for local authorities to implement smart city projects.


Identify suitable funding model and financial package for smart city development.
Explore and identify suitable business opportunities on smart city development.
Produce good documentation for budget application under the Twelfth Malaysia Plan 2021-2025.
Execute successful smart city projects.


DAY 1: 15 MARCH 2021 (MONDAY)


Smart City – Guide to The Role of The Planning and Development Process

Md Farabi Yussoff Md Yussoff, Head of Smart City, Central Zone Project Office,


Contribution of Smart Cities to the Achievement of SDGs

TPr Ts. Norliza Hashim, Chief Executive, URBANICE MALAYSIA

DAY 2: 16 MARCH 2021 (TUESDAY)


The Implementation of Smart City as a Tool to
Accommodate New Norms in The Midst and Post COVID-19

Dr. Haji Azhar Haji Ahmad, Director, Educational Policy Planning and
Research Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia


How to Apply for Funding for Smart City Project – Do’s and Don’ts

Dr. Siti Muhaza Sheikh Zainal, Under Secretary, Policy & Inspectorate, Ministry of Housing and Local Government