In all of the Nordic countries, people have a special relationship with their surrounding nature, and this is reflected in some of the world’s most ambitious national goals in achieving sustainable development goals, reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment Sustainable development is in the heart of Nordic cooperation, as we aim to remain the most sustainable and integrated region in the world

Green and energy efficient buildings, smart water cycle and waste management based on circular economy are key elements in bringing these goals into reality in Nordics as well as in Malaysia.

Due to the rising quality of life, the average building’s energy consumption has increased dramatically and the indoor environment of a building is a major sustainability challenge It is important to make the right choices regarding the design materials and construction of a
building to help reduce the amount of energy consumed throughout its lifetime

The need to address water management issues is becoming increasingly important as governments, public and private waterworks and wastewater companies are faced with issues such as replacing or repairing aging infrastructure, and ensuring water quality Smart and circular water management help reinforce the resilience of businesses and local communities

The total amount of waste globally has continued to increase due to industrial development, population growth, urbanization and lifestyle habits In the Nordic countries, everyone participates in the effort to make waste management work producers, businesses, municipalities and households, resulting in 99 of the waste being either reused or recycled

Surtainable Living Solutions in Building, Water and Waste management from the Nordics brings together experts from Malaysia and the Nordic countries to discuss best practices and real life examples of sustainability and to present some of the most intersting innovations and solutions from Nordic companies

27 MAY 2021 (THURSDAY)


H.E Gunn Jorid Roset, Ambassador of Norway to Malaysia


Datuk Zainal Abidin Abu Hassan, Secretary General Ministry of Housing and Local Government Malaysia

Ms. Milla Bruneau, Executive Director City of Lahti in Finland: European Green Capital 2021


Mr. Troels Bjerre Leming, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Norway to Malaysia